K9 Grooming

What do we do?


During the bathing, loose hairs and exfoliated skin is washed away, to make the dog's coat shine. 

Special attention is paid to ears and eyes.

Shampoo & Conditioner

We have adapted shampoos for different coats and skin types, and the conditioners we use will make the dog's fur a pleasure to stroke.


We will blow-dry your dog's fur, to eliminate all loose hairs, and to avoid further shedding.


Brushing will help to avoid the occurence of matts. Where necessary, we will deshed the underfur of your dog. 


We will trim your dog's fur when required. We can provide complex fur care, in line with your wishes or with breed standards. We take pleasure in looking at all details, and will take care that the whole coat is tackled.


When nails are allowed to grow too long, they can get damaged during walking. Clipping is taken care of at each grooming session.

K9 Grooming

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