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IMG 3750 1Do you know the enthusiasm that engulfs you when you are allowed to engage in things that you are passionate about?

Despite the fact that I work full time (in the IT world) and I have a household with 2 dogs, a cat and a resident son, I have also been bitten by several microbes.

One is singing. I sing as a soprano in various choirs and can completely lose myself in the beautiful harmony of choral music.

What this website is about, however, is the intense pleasure that I get from expertly taking care of the coat of dogs.


Because dogs are so honest, and so loyal? Because they love unconditionally? Yes, that too.

But also because a brushed coat feels so wonderfully soft.
Because that tangles-free fur caresses much nicer.
Because the owners shine as their dog, washed and trimmed, leaves my premises.

Are all dogs so enthusiastic on your grooming table?
I admit it, no, that is certainly not the case.


The coat of a dog with long (-er) hair (wiry hair, curly hair or silk hair, eg) needs regular maintenance from a young age. Puppies that, if not every day, then certainly every week get brushed, will not develop too much tangles, and are getting used to it. They are standing quietly on the table, and their coat care is accepted.

It is different if their owners spend less time on the fur care. In that case, your customer may occasionally growl or whine, even if you do not hurt the creature.

But then a coat care gives me a lot of energy. The coat of the dog looks neat afterwards, is cleanly washed, blown dry and brushed and so is rid of excess hair and tangles. The ears are cleaned and excess hair removed if required, the nails - where necessary - trimmed. Excess waste is removed from the eye corners, the coat is trimmed or picked, depending on the type of care it requires.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are looking for a competent and passionate dog groomer to take care of your pet.

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